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The Summer Social (update!)

One thing you can guarantee in social media is nothing stands still for long. It is a full-time job just keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape. We here at ATTAIN are more social than most and our social media management team loves being kept on their toes by the tweaks the social channels like to […]

Festival Season

How the festival season can amplify your marketing activity

So, we are knee-deep (metaphorically hopefully, weather-dependent) in the summer festival season. Glastonbury and Parklife have already been and gone, while Reading and Leeds are on the horizon. You haven’t seen your forearm without grubby wristbands in several weeks and are wondering if you could feasibly wear wellies and cut-off jeans to the office on […]

Blog Train

How to stop your marketing campaigns going off the rails

The best way to keep a marketing campaign on the right track – and show how much return on investment your marketing journey is generating- is by tracking metrics and learning from them. So, all aboard for the ATTAIN whistle-stop tour of how a data management platform and revenue tracking module can stop your campaigns […]


Making your B2B social media our Business

Social media marketing – surely that’s B2C territory, nothing us B2Bs need to concern ourselves with, surely? If that’s your attitude, your business is already on the back foot. But fear not, we are making it our business to put you back in the race with ATTAIN’s quick guide to why, where and how you […]

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