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Are you losing web visitors within 3 seconds?

3, 2, 1, And they are gone… That’s it. Your web page has just THREE seconds to load before your mobile customers will get bored of waiting and abandon their plan to spend time and money on your website. It… Continue Reading →

Brand Biopsy: A first class way to learn from others’ mistakes when it comes to putting a new stamp on your business

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of the infamous Post Office/Consignia fiasco in the early 2000s, about £2million. The rebranding was an attempt to unite diverse wings of the business – Post Office, Royal Mail, Parcelforce – under… Continue Reading →

Print marketing is making a comeback – and marketers should take notice

  Helen Caddock, Head of Design at ATTAIN   For many marketers, print has become a neglected element of a multi-channel marketing campaign: a poor relation that they may return to now and again, but often gets overlooked in favour… Continue Reading →

Will your brand blossom this Spring?

Spring is in the air (at least, we really hope it is!) but even if it is just the snowdrops peeking through rather than the sun’s rays, it is a great time to spruce things up. A ‘brand’ new look,… Continue Reading →

What does a ‘digital marketing agency’ actually do?

It’s a question we hear all too often – so, to help answer it, we’ve compiled a roundup of our top projects from 2017 to show you what it’s really like working with a digital marketing agency like ATTAIN… We… Continue Reading →

Five minutes with…Danny Parker

This month we spend five minutes with ATTAIN’s Managing Director and resident break dancer, Danny Parker:   Tell us about your role at ATTAIN My role in the business as Managing Director covers all aspects of the ATTAIN world –… Continue Reading →

Data Detox: A New Year’s resolution you can actually keep

We all know the feeling: Christmas and New Year have been and gone and you’re left with the expectation to ditch the bad habits and start making New year’s resolutions that will inevitably be broken by February. But there is one New… Continue Reading →

Five ways your business can stand out this festive season

Love it or hate it, you definitely can’t avoid the big countdown. Christmas is coming and businesses are hoping their coffers are getting fat. But with so much competition, is it possible to connect with busy customers during the festive… Continue Reading →

5 minutes with….Rob Blair

After meeting Head of Design Helen Caddock on the ATTAIN World tour, we thought we’d stick around in the Creative Studio and spend 5 minutes with our designer, Rob Blair. Tell us about your role at ATTAIN As a designer,… Continue Reading →

Parlez-vous marketing?

So, you are in a meeting and they are giving it all ‘brand love’ this and ‘content is king’ that and assuming you, the prospective clients, are being awed into silence by their grasp of the brief and their dynamic… Continue Reading →

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