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Which digital marketing trends are worth following in 2021?

11 Dec 2020
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Digital marketing has risen up the priority list for most businesses this year thanks to the pandemic.

For those who were unable to meet potential customers face-to-face, digital marketing became the go-to communication tool.

Standing out from your competitors, therefore, has never been so important.

If you’re ready to go the extra mile in 2021, there are plenty of engaging and useful digital marketing avenues to explore.



Social media platforms offer the perfect opportunity to create microblogs.

It’s not as technical as it sounds. Simply engage your social media following by creating longer posts. If you’re stuck for words, just imagine you’re talking to a contact over lunch. Explain what you do, give some advice, show examples of your work and even testimonials.

Storytelling like this keeps readers engaged. Tag colleagues, contacts and other businesses you work with to increase engagement and gain some networking brownie points. 



Two heads are better than one. That’s how the saying goes, at least. 

If you work closely with another business, ask them to form a collaboration. Then promote an offer or event together.

Use your branding to showcase the collaboration. Try producing a video or podcast together and give followers updates on your projects.

Not only will this help to engage followers, but your partner’s followers will become more familiar with your branding. And vice versa. Win-win.


Online events 

The pandemic has been a catalyst for online networking events. Likewise, hosting your own online event can be productive. You and your audience can converse in real-time and the human interaction element is still there – even if the business card and handshake isn’t. 

Start by considering a platform – forum, webinar or training session, for example. Then get your marketing campaign plan right and start promoting the event. 

Remember if you felt isolated through 2020, so did your contacts so the likelihood is they’ll be itching to do some networking.


Getting to grips with Google 

Even though it’s nothing new, Google is still the reigning champion of the search engine world and it’s likely to hold that title for the foreseeable future. 

Surprisingly, some businesses don’t use Google to advertise, despite up to half of all searches on Google seeking local information. 

So how can this be addressed? Registering with Google My Business and using its posting facilities will help people find you on Google. Your physical address will be verified by snail mail, which this puts your business on the Google Map.

For expert help on increasing Google traffic and using Google Ads, contact a local SEO service and let them do the hard work. 


Customer relationship management (CRM) 

Following up leads and staying in touch with current customers is a must in business. But you’ve got to have a system. 

CRM offers a way to stay in touch with leads and customers. It also allows you to “sort the wheat from the chaff” and direct your email marketing to the most profitable people in your database. 

If you’re struggling with a mound of sticky notes and a head full of names you’ve promised to contact, invest in an automated CRM system with great technical support. Your desk will become much tidier as a result.

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