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12 Days of Christmas

26 Nov 2020
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Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and, after a year with little to celebrate, it feels like people are ready to get into the festive spirit. The John Lewis ad has launched; more and more people are putting their Christmas Tree up in November, and the Prime Minister is doing all he can to avoid being seen as the Grinch who stole Christmas by lifting the lockdown and re-opening shops.

1. Spread festive cheer through seasonal branded assets
Spread Christmas cheer with seasonal branded assets. The key to any brand is consistency: so sprinkle a little festive cheer across your online channels – including email designs, website homepage banners and social media banners – as well as offline channels such as product packaging, posters and leaflets.

2. Give a little love
‘Tis the season of generosity – so why not extend that generosity to your customers by launching a social media competition or giveaway? This year’s pandemic has brought into focus the community spirit – so a competition in partnership with a local business, or donating your Christmas party budget to a local charity with the Xmas Party Heroes campaign – will show customers you share their values.

3. Launch an email marketing campaign
You may not be posting your letter to Santa – but you could be sending out an email campaign to your prospects to promote your best Christmas buys. Make sure you segment your data to create relevant and personalised messaging – and track the recipients’ behaviour to retarget prospects. Read our free email marketing guides in our online library to get the most out of your email marketing.

4. Let it SEO! Let it SEO: Let it SEO!
Shoppers are likely to turn to Google when starting their Christmas shopping – so make sure they can find you as close to the top of the search results as possible. A quick way to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) is to make sure your business has a profile on Google – this is free to set up, and you can get started here.

5. Showcase your Christmas Elves
Christmas is all about connections with others – so take this opportunity to give your staff visibility by giving them a platform on social media, recording live video events or sending personalised Christmas cards to introduce themselves to customers and prospects.

6. Invest in targeted social media campaigns
Cut through the noise with a paid social campaign that is clearly defined in terms of audience demographics and call to action. Not sure where to start? Speak to our social media team for a non-obligatory chat.

7. Make sure you’re mobile
Mobile traffic soars at Christmas, – and this year is expected to be higher than ever. Smartphone and tablet users will soon leave your website if it doesn’t work smoothly on their device – so download our free guide on making websites mobile responsive to ensure you don’t lose prospects

8. Look at last year’s Christmas performance
We’re not suggesting you spend time with the ghosts of Christmas past – but it’s always worth reflecting on last year’s Christmas digital marketing campaigns to understand what went well and what could be improved. Take both the successes and lessons learned and build on them this year.

9. Get your website ready!
With so much competition, customers won’t wait around for a website that is too slow to load. Spend time reviewing your bandwidth, RAM and server support – as well as preparing your teams – to avoid an unprepared website costing you sales during this critical time in the Ecommerce calendar.

10. Prepare your customer service processes
A great customer is for life, not just for Christmas – so make sure customers come back for more by delivering an excellent customer service. Make sure your customer service team is ready to deal with increased queries, and ensure your delivery and returns process works as smoothly as Santa’s workshop.

11. Offer exclusive promotions
Stand out from the competition with time-limited promotions that offer competitively priced deals and offers. Why not try an advent calendar of deals – featuring a countdown of offers up until the big day?

12. Don’t forget to have fun!
After the year we’ve had, don’t be afraid to try new ways to inject fun into your digital marketing campaigns – from dancing elf videos of staff to getting involved in Christmas jumper days – show off the personality of your team and get everyone involved!

For more information on making your digital marketing success during Christmas and beyond, contact the ATTAIN team today.

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