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The top four digital marketing trends every small business should take note of in 2019

16 Jan 2019
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This year could be huge for your business. Now, how to make it happen? We have picked out the four digital marketing trends that every small business with big ambitions should take notice of in 2019.

Go big on Automation

Do more with less with data driven automation and free up marketers to focus on long term strategic activity and performance instead. By automating your campaign, you can provide a smooth customer journey and improve operations by streamlining workload, saving time and reducing cost. And it’s not only operational efficiency that will experience a boost – automation can have a direct impact on your sales, too: by retargeting recipients who have previously failed to fully engage with your email, you can reduce the instances of abandoned shopping baskets, resulting in a boost in sales conversions – and, crucially, your bottom line.

Go big on Personalisation

Automation makes personalisation easy. Consumer behaviour-based personalisation creates better relationships with current customers and leads alike. People don’t enjoy receiving spam so give them something that will inform or entertain them, something of use. Segment recipients to send targeted, relevant messages for optimum open rates and personalised content for enhanced customer experience – make it easy by using platforms such as ATTAINA to create full managed automated campaigns. And personalisation isn’t just for email, as we see a move into social messaging being used for marketing 2019.

Go big on Voice search

Did you get an Alexa this Christmas? Well so many people did, it crashed the system on Christmas Day. Smartspeakers and voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Cortana are a big noise in marketing right now. People are becoming ever more accustomed of not having to stop what they are doing to fire up the laptop when they want a quick answer or to order a product online. Dominos were quick off the mark offering app to order pizza delivery through Alexa for hungry people who can even be bothered to reach for their smartphone. Even if your business is not at this stage, start to make your company’s ‘voice’ heard through your marketing and communications. Write in a conversational tone and, as with your overarching SEO strategy, think about answering and being the answer to questions prospective customers may address to their Alexa by incorporating key words into your web copy.

Go big on Video

Video is still big news and if you want to make an impact in 2019, you must include it in your digital marketing strategy. The tech is affordable and coming down in price all the time. If you have shied away. from jumping on this trend, now is the time to embrace video or even live broadcasts- starting with Facebook Live or Instagram Stories is a great place to start. You are not producing TV programmes so make it short, snappy and shareable and remember to use all the channels available, posting clips natively on your website, distributing on social media and adding to your company YouTube. Our social media team are always keen to have a coffee and explore new ways you can connect with your customers.

It can feel impossible for small businesses to implement everything they would like with restricted resources. Focus on one or two trends that will work for you and let ATTAIN help you with them to make great gains throughout 2019.

Contact our friendly team to make sure your company takes advantage of 2019’s trends, today.


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