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Signed, sealed, delivered… their business is yours

18 Jan 2019
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Signed, sealed, delivered… their business is yours

When Steve Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” song joined the hit parade in 1970, it is hard to believe the first computer message systems – the precursor to the modern email – were already around.

Little could the IT bods of yore have known what a powerful everyday business tool it would become. And in the 21st century we are still following Stevie’s lead to make sure the right people receive the right messages at the right time.

We combine Stevie’s message with expertise from our email marketing team to make sure your next email marketing campaign is a big hit with your customers:


Before designing an email marketing campaign, take a deep dive into understanding your customer profiles – who they are and what they are.

Develop solutions to your audience’s pain points so they are receiving something they WANT to read and, by extension, act upon.

Using beautifully crafted templates makes it easy to sign off every time on brand-consistent and striking emails that will hold the attention of the opener.



Once sure your email content delivers, the most important factor is the actual deliverabililty.

The first place to start to reduce bounceback rate is centralising business contacts in an effective CRM system so data can be fully cleaned to eliminate duplicates and out-of-date information.

Segmenting audiences with the data management system accurately targets the right customers with relevant information and offers – check out automated systems such as ATTAINA that can help make this job a breeze.

Since May 25 last year it has been essential to maintain compliance with GDPR legislation. In email communications people’s right to data privacy must be respected. It also means the contact information you do hold now is good, valuable data from people who already want to hear from your business – so make sure that list of recipients is accurate and up to date.


Follow it up

It is always good to know what sealed the deal in order to inform future email marketing campaigns.

Valuable analytics include opens, clicks, link tracking, unsubscribes and views as well as geo-tracking active customers to reveal which regions respond best to certain campaigns will all help finetune where to focus resources next.

Tools are available that will rate a business’s contacts by level of engagement to reach specific audiences with messages which work for them and calculate your return on investment. Speak to our team if you’re getting to grips with your email marketing data analytics.


Our email marketing expertise combined with our ATTAINA full service campaign management system will harness the power of email for your sales team. Wonder no longer about how to make the most of every email sent to build a loyal following for your business and contact ATTAIN today.


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