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Will your brand blossom this Spring?

13 Feb 2018

Spring is in the air (at least, we really hope it is!) but even if it is just the snowdrops peeking through rather than the sun’s rays, it is a great time to spruce things up. A ‘brand’ new look, if you will.

A rebrand ensures that your organisation’s visual presence – from your logo to your printed stationary – reflects your current values and market position.

There are a number of budding reasons why a rebrand might be in order – and one blooming major reason why you shouldn’t…

Why not?

Do not rebrand out of boredom or because you have had your existing brand for a long period of time. We shouldn’t tell you that, but we hate to see businesses spending money unnecessarily.

If your brand continues to reflect your business and its values and you already have a loyal and sizeable following, a small – and more economic – refresh may be more appropriate. Think a coat of paint and new curtains rather than gutting the kitchen in a frenzy of spring cleaning.

Check how a refresh helped to revive this solicitors’ branding.  

And why you really should…

A successful brand doesn’t spring from nowhere: it should be crafted to align completely with your business’ current values, products and services.

If the current look no longer reflects your customer base or won’t attract a desirable demographic, then it is time to consider a rebrand. ATTAIN worked with jewellers West to create a brand that showcased their heritage while bringing it into the 21st century to attract a younger customer base.

If an organisation has undertaken a significant culture change – make sure your brand is updated, too. Direct Workforce undertook a complete company rebrand to launch its new company values, making them the heart and soul of its visual identity.

If various parts of a business have been consolidated or there has been a merger, a new identity may be required. ATTAIN worked with the Evolve Group as they merged a number of companies into one company with one brand and ethos. The single brand removed confusion for the business and the customers alike.

And if this blog has cultivated green shoots of possibility about the future of your organisation, spring into rebrand action with ATTAIN’s creative team now.

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