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Print marketing is making a comeback – and marketers should take notice

13 Feb 2018


Helen Caddock, Head of Design at ATTAIN


For many marketers, print has become a neglected element of a multi-channel marketing campaign: a poor relation that they may return to now and again, but often gets overlooked in favour of seemingly more exciting digital communication channels.

But how do you stand out when all of your competitors are thinking the same way?

Businesses large and small are focussing on social media and email marketing to try to engage new and existing customers. As a result, digital communication channels are at risk of facing the same fate as direct mail in the 90’s as a deluge of bright imagery, pithy messages and countless call to actions hit your audience as soon as they open their social media apps or inboxes.

There is no doubt that digital channels enable organisations to enjoy two-way interaction with customers in a way that print marketing simply cannot do. But the digital world is crowded – and print could give your business the ‘edge’ in ways that digital marketing cannot compete:

Print marketing lasts.

The content we create for digital channels is designed to hit your audience ‘in the moment’ and, as such, has a short lifespan. Your audience can easily scroll past your social media post or delete your carefully crafted email without acknowledging- let alone reading – it. The humble printed leaflet placed in the hand of a prospect demands their attention –  and a beautiful design printed with a quality finish is difficult to ignore!

Print marketing connects.

Yes, social media can enable you to interact with your customer – but the tangible effect of holding a leaflet in your hands should not be underestimated. Customers are bombarded with an infinite number of marketing messages at a touch of a button on their smartphones- so why not make them feel special by showcasing your business in a way that is a delight to see and touch?

Print marketing can offer great results- that can be measured.

It is a myth that you will have no idea what impact your leaflet or poster campaign has had on brand awareness. Combined with digital tools such as QR codes, you can measure the success of your campaign – for example, this college was able to track the impact a poster and leaflet advertising campaign had on course enquiries- and the results were A*.


I by no means recommend abandoning digital marketing channels – but I challenge marketers to be bold: go against the grain and give that poor relation of print marketing a chance to show its worth.

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