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The top five fails that could be holding your website back

20 Mar 2019

Your website might well be the one of the most valuable assets to your business, so it needs to be working at peak performance. Could you afford to lose it?

No one wants to put that nightmare scenario to the test, which is why ATTAIN is big on prevention rather than cure with its aftercare service.

Here are our top five fails to avoid in order to enable your website to reach its peak performance:

Fail #1: Ignoring your updates

Keeping plugins up to date and the latest software patches installed will go a long way in protecting your website from hackers. Back-end platform security holes can be quickly exploited, so stay on top of new tools and remove unnecessary programs. Cyber-security is crucial for e-commerce sites – vulnerabilities in your site could result in fraud and data breaches.

Fail #2: Avoiding regular clean-ups

Despite your best efforts, some site errors are inevitable. Broken links, slow loading, temperamental codes all affect the browsing experience for visitors – causing them to abandon the website. So don your housekeeping coat and prepare to repair and clean up the site regularly.

Fail #3: Not updating your content

Maintaining your website with current sales and products may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked by the overworked. How are customers going to purchase them if you have failed to update the content? Listing products or services that don’t exist anymore creates a frustrating shopping experience, resulting in drop-offs and presents an unprofessional image. We know it is time-consuming which is why ATTAIN provide an excellent aftercare service.

Fail #4: Neglecting your promotion activity

“If you build it, they will come” only works in films. Your business website is not a Field of Dreams for eager customers so if you are not telling people about it and signposting them towards it using all the channels at your disposal – media, email marketing and offline analogue methods – how are clients and customers supposed to know all the brilliant things you are doing on it?

Fail #5: Not knowing your numbers

The numbers tell you (almost) everything you need to know. If you have been avoiding looking at your analytics, you don’t really know how your website is performing or how best to improve the experience for users. Use the knowledge gained from how visitors have discovered your site, navigated it and if they converted to get better results in future


Not sure if you have the time or skills to avoid these top five fails? The ATTAIN Aftercare service is here to proactively ensure your website is cared for to its optimum standard. Contact us for more details.

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