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Emails missing the mark? Time to get interactive

04 Apr 2019

Remember when we thought our inboxes would be beautiful minimalist swathes of emptiness after GDPR?

Well that didn’t happen, did it? Brands are still fighting to get noticed amongst the dross and debris.

Every organisation wants readers to get excited when its mail drops into their inboxes. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just enough to stand out from the crowd and get opened.

And the best way to get subscribers excited is to get interactive.

Why interactive?

More than 80% of content marketers believe interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s white paper Deliver Peak Experiences With Interactive Content. 

Allowing the reader to take action and make choices within an email means they will be more invested in continuing a greater connection with your brand. They will become conditioned into the very welcome habit of opening your emails through curiosity and anticipation.

At the same time, businesses can use interactivity to learn more about their subscribers’ interests and behaviours to further personalise its service, improving engagement and ROI.


Games, financial calculators, competitions, white papers, and quizzes are all fantastic options that provide limitless opportunity to make an email informative, engaging and entertaining.

As with everything content marketing-related, don’t always sell – use interactivity to be helpful and/or fun. Consider your customers’ pain points and look to solve their problems. Content they want or need will increase the regular click-through rate.

So chill. Stop with the relentless wooing, sometime people just want to be entertained and helped. Know when to dial back the full court press and go for adorably fun or unconventionally useful. No hard sell, just the knowledge that your brand’s emails are always worth opening.

Your readers need more than the boring bog-standard email if your relationship is going to stand the test of time. Team up with ATTAIN and learn about our bespoke email platform, ATTAINA, to inject some interactivity into your email campaigns. 

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