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The 2 ‘P’s you should be asking your web team to spend time on…

30 May 2018
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2P or not 2P, that is the question…you should be asking your website design team.

To stand out websites need to offer outstanding functionality with an impressive visual experience, but most of all they need to CONNECT with their audience and keep them engaged… like a good play (you wondered when I was going to get back to that Shakespeare reference I kicked off with, didn’t you?)

And it all comes down to the two Ps: participation and personalisation.

People love to feel valued and part of something. Brands can take advantage by using the added functionality of plug ins on their websites. Surveys, quizzes, financial calculators and competitions all get people to stop being the audience and start being participants.

Adding social media widgets to webpages turns visitors into brand ambassadors as they share your products or services with their own followers. User generated content has been a buzz phrase in the media world for a few years and now clever companies are harnessing the power of the public. Add an Instagram feed to your home page harvested from a company-selected hashtag populated with photos of customers using the products – Insta-reviews!

In terms of customer care, a pop-up chat box shows real-time responsiveness and is proactive way to guide consumer sales or resolve problems on the spot. See how we incorporated this feature into a new website for Barclay Jones. ATTAIN’s web designers bring a wealth of experience to get any audience to become active brand devotees.

Personalisation used to mean being able to put the recipient’s name on a mass mailing rather than an impersonal ‘Dear sir/madam’. We now have so many more tools at our web developers’ fingertips to make browsing and buying online a friction-free experience. And often they are barely perceptible, but they make a huge difference to consumers.

Mobile optimisation is a given – or it should be. More than half of all online purchasing is done on mobile devices and if your site is impossible to navigate or renders incorrectly on a small screen you are missing out on a huge and ever-expanding customer base. Automatically altering language and currency according to the country of the visitor – internationalisation – goes unnoticed by users but they would enjoy a less smooth experience without it. Likewise, geo-targeting tailors offers or events relevant to the user’s physical location.

Get creative with a blog section that gives your customers a platform to share their views and experiences of your product or service. Check out how our clients Little Brian are using their website to build relationships with kids and parents alike with an interactive gallery. Make it personal and participate in a long-lasting relationship with all your customers.

Don’t suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous business fortune. Contact our dynamic website design teams on 01942 247884 or email us at to give your customers the best online experience possible.

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