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If it isn’t measured, it isn’t marketing: tracking the success of your Facebook advertising

06 Sep 2018
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We believe that if it isn’t measurable, it isn’t effective marketing.

Marketing is certainly a balance between art and science, but don’t be fooled into thinking your organisation’s marketing activity is an artform that can’t be measured. From tracking your click-throughs generated by your latest email marketing campaign to measuring the number of sign ups created by onsite posters, measurement is possible.

And now, Facebook offers the most sophisticated tool to date in order to track the success of your advertising campaigns on the social media platform: Facebook Pixel.

Heard of it, but not sure what it is? Pull up a pew at our Twittering Bird pub and we’ll give you the lowdown…

What is it?

A pixel is a ‘code’ that you put on your website to send information back to Facebook – from profiles of website visitors, to the action taken by them as a result of your Facebook advertising campaign. This means you can create sophisticated campaigns that are more likely to achieve your targets – and ensure each penny spent with the social media giant generates a return on investment for your organisation.

How do I get started?

Firstly, you need to use Facebook’s Ad Manager platform – a free tool that helps you to create and measure your campaigns.

Then, you need to create and add the code to your website. But don’t panic: you don’t need to be a website developer to do this. Facebook provides you with your own unique Pixel code and offers step by step guidance on adding their Pixel to your website.

What’s the catch

 Firstly, the technical aspect is easy – if you know how. Installing code on your website and getting to grips with the different functions of Facebook Pixel takes time – but there is plenty of guidance available in the Facebook Pixel Help Centre to get you started. Alternatively, speak to our technical lead, Stuart Gent, and he will be happy to help.

Alos, using website data to create more effective Facebook advertising campaigns needs to comply with the UK’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Facebook offers GDPR guidance on how they see the ‘data controller’ and ‘data processing’ responsibilities being shared between themselves and your organization – and our GDPR experts are also on hand to help.

Sounds exciting. Sign me up!

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