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5 minutes with…Stuart Gent

08 Aug 2018

The next stop on our ATTAIN World tour is the House of Web, where you will find ATTAIN veteran and Head of Operations, Stuart Gent.

Stuart and the web design team develop websites from conception through to completion and are always on hand to offer technical advice to our clients….and fashion commentary on ‘funky shirt Friday…’

What brought you to the ATTAIN world? And when?

I have been around as long as the ATTAIN world itself! I joined the team  17 years ago after completing my HND in graphic design from Wigan College. My then head tutor put my name forward for a job at then GemOnline – which became what is now known today as ATTAIN.

Tell us about your role at ATTAIN

Due to my long service, I do get involved in many areas of the business, but mainly my role involves supporting the clients once their website has gone live or if they are using the ATTAIN System. I work with the clients in understanding their customer data to see how this can be used. As I understand both the design and technical sides of the business I am able to help relay information on different levels based on the client’s needs and knowledge.

What’s the best thing about working in Wigan?

For me, it has to be the distance from Work to home my drive to work only take 15 minutes so this is a big plus and helps with my work-life balance which is very important to me. Being able to get home and spend time with my 5-year daughter is great as they grow up so quickly.

Tell us something about yourself which surprises people

I am a very creative person and a keen photographer. I love going out and taking photos of interesting objects and buildings. I also love architecture and DIY.

Tell us something about an ATTAIN colleague which people might not know

Joey comes in every Friday in a ‘funky shirt’ – we call it ‘Funky Shirt Friday’… We really need to get out more…

What’s your key digital marketing advice for new ATTAIN clients?

Plan, plan and stick to the plan.
Fancy a coffee and a chat with Stuart about your technical and design needs? Get in touch.

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