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What your business can learn from Movember…

25 Oct 2019
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Every day someone seems to be raising awareness for some issue or other – and many businesses are recognising the value of aligning themselves with the latest talking points.

Awareness Days and Months span a range of worthy and wacky topics – from Movember, the month dedicated to raising awareness to men’s health, to national Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Whether it is an awareness day, week or month – your blogs, PR campaigns and social media can always benefit from linking into them. Here’s how:

Be prepared

The hook of an awareness day presents the opportunity to come at topics from a different angle, inject some humour or attract a different audience – but jumping on the trend literally late in the day can fail to make the desired impact.

Take the time to prepare original, inventive and relevant content that will connect with your audience and the wider world by creating a media calendar of the most relevant awareness days; building content around them ahead of time to craft top quality graphics, images and words.

Make it relevant

From national holidays to big sporting events – Olympics is great for patriotic unity rather than unpleasant factional rivalry found, say in football – and random days such as #BringYourDogToWorkDay all have potential to spark a creative approach to educate or entertain your clients or customers – but a tenuous link between your business and the awareness day can miss the mark.

Select the good causes and themes that are most relevant to your offer, your customers and your team in order to create authentic links to each day. The awareness days website offers plenty of options to choose from, so only the most relevant days make it into the company calendar.

Decide what success looks like

Linking to awareness days is a great foundation for your latest blog, email marketing campaign or social media post – but remember the basics when it comes to successful campaigns. Decide what you want to achieve from campaign – is it more sales? More visits to a new product landing page? Make sure your content includes the relevant links and calls to action to get results. Check out our library guides on how to make sure your marketing tactics reap results.

Get involved

Ride hashtags to join conversations, reach new audiences and increase your engagement. Great fun can be encouraging user-generated content – ask your audiences to share their photos and videos or stories linked to the day, or run themed- competitions that create excitement.


Scheduling content ahead of time is fantastic but it must be monitored. Be aware if unfolding events dictate your subject matter has become inappropriate or insensitive.

Our razor-sharp creative team can collate an awareness day calendar exclusively for your business to use as a framework for content creation and PR activities. Our social experts can put together social media campaign that will fully mine and monitor the potential of the appropriate events. Pop in a date to meet with our team by contacting us today.

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