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The Summer Social (update!)

02 Sep 2019

One thing you can guarantee in social media is nothing stands still for long. It is a full-time job just keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape.

We here at ATTAIN are more social than most and our social media management team loves being kept on their toes by the tweaks the social channels like to throw at us.

With that in mind, here are some of the updates you may have missed:


The recent algorithm update now prioritises close friends, the people you respond to and who respond to you with likes, shares, tags and so on. This may sound like bad news for business pages and groups. 

Facebook isn’t shutting the door on them, as long as they are posting information their audience find interesting enough to read, respond and click on, saying: “We use these responses to identify signs that someone might find a link worth their time. We then combine these factors with information we have about the post, including the type of post, who it’s from and the engagement it’s received, to more accurately predict whether people are likely to find a link valuable” –  so, the better you know your audience, the more likely you will create content that will engage them and ultimately the better your business will perform on the platform.

Videos of over three minutes or more will be favoured as will those that hold the attention for at least 60 seconds.

So, the message to businesses is loud and clear: engagement and usefulness should be the target of any Facebook activity.


Yay, it seems Instagram has finally got the message: using Insta for business and working from a mobile full-time just isn’t practical for most professionals. Instagram and IGTV are now supported in Facebook’s Creator Studio meaning content using images and videos, new or from your library, can be created and scheduled entirely from desktop without having to dip into a third party app.

Lens creators have been happening on Snapchat for ages and it is now possible to create your own augmented reality effects on Instagram. Download Facebook’s Spark AR Studio and use the tools in the library to build rich content and stand out from the Insta-crowd.


On the other hand, Twitter has not been listening. Despite a huge overhaul to the desktop design there is still no sign of the long-requested edit button. We are starting to wonder if we will ever see it happen.

In its ongoing battle with the spammers and bots, Twitter has slashed the number of accounts a user can follow from 1,000 to 400 a day. Twitter is specifically targeting follow churn – following and then unfollowing large numbers of accounts to inflate your own follower count – and indiscriminate following particularly by automated means.

If you are too busy doing your own job to keep up to date with the latest social media algorithms, ATTAIN offers a range of packages to reach customers across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Contact us now to find out about the bespoke package we could build that works for you and your audiences.

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