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Back To School: Nailing the ‘Sales’ basics

22 Aug 2019

It doesn’t matter how long it is since you left school, September always feels like the beginning of a new term.

How will you make sure your sales pipeline is as stuffed full of prospects as a Year 7’s school bag?

We are delivering some A-grade ATTAIN knowledge to study and keep in your locker. Pay attention Class of 2019!



Make data your new religion. Data, including insights about your customers past and present, should be at the heart of your strategy. Understanding their location, motivations and behaviours throughout the customer journey will unlock future success. Be meticulous in your curation of this data using a reputable CRM or a centralised, automated, full service campaign management platform such as ATTAINA, otherwise you risk becoming overwhelmed, inefficient and will ultimately lose sales.


Are you talking your client’s language? Data in SCV (single customer view) will pinpoint how they want to be contacted for a favourable response. Now it is up to you to deliver high-quality content to persuade them you have the solution to their problem. The number one takeaway from this lesson is ditch the jargon. Wherever you are in the sales process reflect their own phraseology back to them in blogs, thought leadership pieces, networking on and offline. Consider whether your network finds something useful or valuable –  it soothe a pain point for them then it is likely to get their attention.


Last, but definitely not least, measure everything to evaluate performance. Sales and marketing are both numbers games when aiming for the greatest results. It has been said that what you track is what improves, and that achievement is predicated on awareness.  Whether it is guiding prospects through the sales funnel or looking for the best ROI to inform future budgeting decisions and strategy direction, it pays to have the figures in front of you as the foundation on which all else is based. Trust the data.

End of term report: Knowing how campaigns have performed will enable you to build smarter campaigns that track and adapt to your customers’ behaviour. Lesson learned: pay attention to your customer insights data reporting.

ATTAIN is here to help ensure your sales pipeline makes the grade and results in top class prospects. Your homework is to timetable a meeting with the team today.

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