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Is your marketing failing to serve 1 in 5 of the population?

02 Feb 2021

ATTAIN launches free guides on making your marketing accessible to all

Digital marketing debates tend to focus on the best ways to engage with your audience and convert them into customers.

But there is a fundamental aspect to your digital marketing that is often overlooked that could be costing you as many as 1 in 5 customers: accessibility.

Every day, companies’ digital marketing – from web design to printed marketing material – prevents people who live with a disability to engage with them.

According to campaigners Purple Pound, more than 1 in 5 potential customers in the UK are disabled – and nearly three quarters of disabled online consumers will click away from a website due to inaccessibility.

From both a commercial and an ethical perspective, we have a responsibility to make sure the way we promote ourselves welcomes – rather than shuts out – people in our community who live with a disability.

In partnership with Lancashire accessibility consultant, David Butler, we’re launching a series of quick-look guides to help all businesses – large and small – to make sure their marketing is accessible to all.

David, who found himself registered deaf seven years ago following a viral infection, works with companies to review how both their marketing and employment practices can be more inclusive.

He said: “Before I turned deaf, I didn’t really consider this issue to a great extent – I didn’t realise how prevalent it was. What happened to me has given me an entirely new perspective into what it’s like to live with a disability – and how simple adjustments can make a massive difference to our lives.

“As someone who ran their own business, I look at it from the company owners’ point of view: there is a moral and legal requirement due to the Equality Act – but there is also a real opportunity to position your business as one that cares about all customers and employees’ needs – and that can only be a good thing!”

Jackie Salt, Commercial Manager at ATTAIN, said: “Working with David has really brought into focus how we, as a digital marketing agency, can make a real difference to our clients and their customers.

“We’re on a mission to make sure digital marketing is accessible to all- and hope our clients will join us on this mission!”

The first quick-look guide in the series shares tips on reviewing the accessibility of your website. You can read it here.

Contact Jackie on for a free accessibility review of your digital marketing.

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