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Engaging with customers on social media in 2021

29 Jan 2021

How to truly connect with your customers on social media

Social media is constantly evolving and changing – so how do businesses keep up with these changes and what are the most effective courses of action for 2021?

Here we explore some points to consider when planning your social media marketing schedule this year…

Think about your target audience

Not every social media user is a tech-savvy twentysomething. It’s important to consider your target audience and use the relevant social media platforms that will appeal to those people.

For example – when it comes to disposable income, the age bracket with the highest amount to spend per year are over 85s – followed closely by the age 65-74 bracket. If these people are included in your target audience, then consider which platforms the over-65s are using and what type of content they are engaging with.

Of course, this requires some market research but generally you won’t find Nanna grooving on TikTok – she’s more likely to dip into Facebook or Next Door to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

Adjust your content according to your target audience. Flashy, noisy dance videos are less likely to appeal to Nanna than a well-written storytelling post or a sleek, informative video.

Embrace new platform features

Particularly during lockdown – when people have spent more time than ever on social media – audiences are at risk of becoming fatigued by the content they scroll through. Social media programmers have responded by constantly evolving new ways to engage users and keep them coming back for more.

Over the past year, we’ve have Instagram Reels – short videos design to keep users entertained for 15-seconds before they scroll on – and Linked In Stories which allow members to share images and short videos on the platform’s “infinite scroll”.

New types of content like this take some careful planning when creating. It’s important, for a start, to think about the story you wish to tell. Once you’ve decided on that, you need to ensure your design is up to scratch by using the correct-sized template and including your branding.

Keep track of your social media impact

For every social media post you publish, there is a cost. From the self-employed to large firms, any time and money spent on social media is an investment – which should yield a return.

But how do you understand how well you social media activity is performing?

Firstly, you need to set clear goals to measure against: are you aiming for increased web traffic? An uplift in enquiries?

Once your goal is set, take advantage of the range of free insight tools available on each platform to understand how the social media posts that are performing best in terms of URL clicks, messaging conversations started, and engagement in terms of likes, clicks and shares.

If you’re struggling to connect with customers on social media, get in touch with the social media team at Attain for a free review of your social media presence.

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