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How to stop your marketing campaigns going off the rails

22 Jul 2019
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The best way to keep a marketing campaign on the right track – and show how much return on investment your marketing journey is generating- is by tracking metrics and learning from them.

So, all aboard for the ATTAIN whistle-stop tour of how a data management platform and revenue tracking module can stop your campaigns hitting the buffers.

Among the key metrics we track and analyse to evaluate campaign success at ATTAIN are sales revenue, customer value, and traffic-to-lead ratio.


Station stop: SALES REVENUE

It goes without saying that sales are the engine of success. Rather than just chugging along happily, pinpointing what got you to the desired destination will stop you wasting money in future on things that don’t.

Monitoring the effectiveness of messages through each marketing channels may reveal different approaches work better on different channels- for example, distributing a discount code by email rather than social media where there was no uptake.


Station stop: CUSTOMER VALUE

Encouraging consumers to travel with you again and again on their buying journey is a great way to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Learning more about them through customer retention campaigns that capture their data – and understanding their annual individual and sector sales revenue – will dictate how they should be marketed to most successfully.



How customers reach your website signals where your marketing spend should go.

High organic traffic means people are finding your website on their own. Invest in SEO to help even more people discover you online.

If tracking reports visitors are increasing, but your traffic-to-lead ratio is low, review your website content for clues. Poor landing pages often inhibit the generation of leads. Your page conversion rates will tell you whether you need to assess the functionality of the landing page and make the necessary changes.


On this train of thought: Discover the value of many more metrics by checking out our Revenue Tracking ebook from our library.

Without blowing our own (train) horn, ATTAIN can track your entire marketing performance across multi-channel communications and, of course, we can give you all the training you need to put you in the driver’s seat for putting your business on track to success. Contact our team of digital experts today.

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