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How to fall in love with your website again this Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2019
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A long-term relationship requires some attention to keep the romance alive. It’s the same with your website, it needs ongoing TLC to continue getting the best out of it.

Too often we fall in love with our sites at first sight and assume it will always be this way. But after the first flurry of interest dies down and the initial beauty is somewhat past its best what can you do?

Well the good news is, it doesn’t need to be a grand gesture to increase traffic, enquiries, social engagement and custom that will make your website feel loved again.

Consider these four ideas as ATTAIN’s Valentine’s gift to you, and the all-important little hugs from the heart your website deserves.

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Being Supportive

With the speed in which technology evolves, it’s important you keep your website’s platform up-to-date for both usability and security reasons.

If your website fails to function properly, it won’t just be revenue that is lost but also reputation. You will be heading for heartbreak.

Regular maintenance is the way to keep on top of all things online so get the tech support in you need if you don’t have the expertise in-house.

Feeling content

Current content is vital. A site looks unloved if the last blog post was six months ago. If you don’t love it, why should anyone else. And Google ranking system certain won’t.

Your digital provider should have delivered a comprehensive initiation to your new website’s content management system. However, as time goes on it is easy to forget little things that could make a big difference or the original trained staff have moved on.

Add more strings to your (Cupid’s) bow by assessing whether you need a reminder or an advanced training course on how to update your website to keep it fresh.

Socialising together

With the website in tip-top condition, you are ready to mix with the general public safe in the knowledge you have somewhere to invite them that you can be proud of.

Social media is ideal for engaging with customers, building follower numbers, increase engagement and, most importantly, drive traffic to your beloved and no longer beleaguered website.

Define which social channels your target demographic prefers and become active in that sphere offering insights and information, while signposting back to your website.

Keeping in touch

Communication is so important in every relationship. It keeps the connection and understanding alive.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to woo subscribers to visit your website. By targeting existing, lapsed or new customers with tailored content, you can increase traffic to generate leads or conversions.

It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch. Sometimes just call to you say you love them – and maybe offer discount to show you really mean it!

If your website relationship is going to stand the test of time, team up with our dyed-in-the-wool romantics here at ATTAIN Aftercare who just LOVE to nurture digital relationships. Contact the team today….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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