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5 Minutes With Stuart Green…

25 Oct 2018


We’re excited to introduce one of our latest recruits, Stuart, who has recently joined the ATTAIN development team. He’s already made such a positive impact on the team and workflow, we’re so pleased to have him on board and look forward to seeing him grow even further into his role.


Tell us about your role at ATTAIN
It is my duty as a Front-end Web Developer to work alongside both the creative team and the technical team and to help bring the designs of the creative team to life using modern technologies. I develop and optimise websites so that they are ready for the WWW and meet the meticulous standards of Google and the W3C.

What brought you to the ATTAIN world? And when?
I have been with ATTAIN for a month now but am very much looking forward to progressing my career whilst helping clients to progress their businesses with the great team here at ATTAIN. I had only heard good things about ATTAIN so I was delighted when I was offered a position to work here. I am happy to say that the staff at ATTAIN have a genuine interest in you and your business and will go above and beyond to ensure a great customer experience. These are the kind of qualities I like about ATTAIN and the ATTAIN world offers some genuinely amazing products such as the ATTAINA system.

What’s your favourite aspect of the role?
I love building out websites and web applications, both individually and as part of a team. No website/app is ever the same and I enjoy the wide variety of businesses that this role allows me to work with.

What’s the best thing about working in Wigan?
I was born and raised in Wigan, so in a way working in Wigan feels like I’m giving something back to the community. I like to think that I’m helping local businesses to thrive in the digital age and giving them a platform to voice their services/products.

Tell us something about yourself which surprises people
I love fighting games and was ranked in the top 50 players worldwide in Injustice 2.

Tell us something about an ATTAIN colleague which people might not know
At this point, I’ve only been here for a short while so I’m still learning about my colleagues. However, on Friday I noticed that Mark placed a rather large crate of beer in the window as an incentive to keep him motivated throughout the day! So I’m going to assume this is a sort of Friday ritual!

What’s your key digital marketing advice for new ATTAIN clients?
I would definitely recommend that you get yourself set up on some software like Hotjar. It gives you a real insight into how your users interact with your website. This kind of information is indispensable as it’ll help you identify and eradicate problem areas in your website.

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