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The top brand campaigns to look out for summer 2019

27 Jun 2019

The top brand campaigns to look out for summer 2019

If it is STILL raining where you are, sit back (inside, of course) and enjoy ATTAIN’s creative team’s pick of the best brand campaigns for summer 2019. After all, it is always sunny in adland!


Beach body backlash

Since the outrage at Protein World’s 2015 “Are you beach body ready?” ad on the London underground, there has been some movement away from brands featuring catwalk-ready models in holiday season ad campaigns

In a bid for consumer relatability, High Street brands Sainsbury’s Summer of Love and Boots’ Summer Ready campaigns in 2019 are celebrating ‘real’ women in all their unretouched glory.

The street-cast stars of Sainbury’s ad dance, jiggle and groove in the supermarket’s TU summer range on film and in print. The positivity of “Do you have a body? You do? That’s brilliant. You are summer ready!” is finding its audience. Bring on the sunshine and break out that bikini!

Boots has focused on body confidence, openly laughing at the beach body advertising trope and spotting and supporting the rising profile of women’s football by sponsoring the football teams from all the home nations ahead of this summer’s Women’s World Cup.


Lionesses score a winner

Before a ball was even kicked, the FA had already played a blinder with its England Women’s World Cup team reveal this year.

The one-day event on Twitter was taglined “23 names. 23 announcements. One team”.

In social media video messages, global celebrities such as Prince William, David Beckham and James Corden congratulated individual players on booking their place on the Eurostar to the tournament in France. 

It blew the usual dry press conference and release combo off the pitch creating a huge buzz around the team and the event. It must have felt pretty special to the players involved as well.

Industry press, fans and non-fans alike were captivated by the strategy.


Nostaglia is baked into this campaign

Hovis’s boy on the bike, who must easily be past 60 now and eyeing up a lovely potting shed in which to spend his days, has been dragged out of retirement and pressganged into service once again.

Nostalgia is a powerful influence in advertising – and when you have real estate such as the most iconic UK advert of all time, it would be a waste not to make use.

So, the young lad is once again pushing his baker’s bike up that cobbled hill to the strains of Dvořák’s New World Symphony, re-recorded – in a lovely touch – by a new generation of the original Ashington Colliery brass band.

Ridley Scott – yes, that one – has also returned as director to remaster the original in conjunction with the British Film Institute.

That it is still resonates with a 21st century audience when it was nostalgic for an era already long-gone when it was released in 1973 is a lesson in great advertising.


If your own marketing activities are looking a little stale and pale and in need of some summer sun to breathe new life into them, contact our campaign creatives (we’re the ones with shades and shorts on, willing summer to come back).



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