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The skills every marketing team needs to score big in 2018

18 Jun 2018

As the World Cup kicks off in Russia, ATTAIN is taking a break from the office sweepstake to put together its wishlist of silky skills every marketing dream team needs to score big in 2018.

Flair players
The best teams always have creative footballers who play with flair and stunning skills. Marketing teams need similar creative geniuses to make their business’s branding stand out. A campaign needs to be as eye-catching and visually arresting as any mazy run down the left wing.

The sales team are your squad of strikers converting website traffic and enquiries into sales. The whole of the team effort on and off the pitch culminates in them scoring the goals and getting the right results. Give them the right back-up and they will do the business for you every time – in commentator parlance.

Analyse that
Behind the soccer superstars out on the pitch is always great backroom support staff. Formerly just the kit man and the medic with the magic sponge, now a battalion of highly educated science-backed analysts study match stats and individual performances to inform micro decisions for macro impact.

To make the best decisions for maximum impact, a winning marketing team needs to be making choices based on sound evidence of stats. Improving website performance, where to target resources, intelligence on which products are most popular or could be boosted by additional promotion all play for a winning result. Read our library guide on Revenue Tracking to kick-off your marketing metrics.

Fan power
The fans are the 12th man on the team. They lift the players when their backs are against the wall. All sides know the value of their fans and try to connect with them. The first place a player runs when they score a goal is towards their fans to share their celebration. They cooperate with the media by giving interviews immediately after matches even when they have lost because they know the supporters will want to hear from them.

Businesses have caught on to this symbiotic relationship and social media provides the quickest and easiest way to connect with their customers. In terms of marketing, happy customers become a business’s 12th man, advocating and amplifying your carefully created marketing resources to a wider audience through social media and word of mouth.

Stronger together
Most important is team work. Being part of team, being able to work together bringing skills together communicating effectively is what makes world champions not a couple of superstar players showing off independently to attract to further their own careers in club football after the tournament is over.

Marketing is a team sport, with multi-skilled players that reaches across an entire company to score success after success for the whole team.

Let the World Cup inspire you: put the training in, use every player on your team, see the whole pitch, and win your business a new legion of loyal fans.

Our money is on Spain, so you can be sure they will heroically go out in the quarter finals – don’t let your marketing team do the same. Give ATTAIN the call-up on 01942 247884 or email us on

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