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The road less travelled: a case for data-driven marketing

04 Jun 2019
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Remember when everything was ‘tailored’ or ‘bespoke’? You couldn’t move for a made-to-measure this and purpose-built that.

They may have become commonplace, but these oft-mocked marketing buzzwords should now be the roadmap to your marketing strategy.

One size does not fit all. YOUR data is mapping out a unique plan for YOUR business – and it would be reckless to ignore it.

Using your customer data, you can cut out the wrong turns and communications cul-de-sacs and deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

If you are not using all the information at your fingertips you may as well be standing in a layby shouting about what you have to offer for all the efficiency and efficacy your marketing messages will have.

There are now a huge number of data capture points in most organisations – from phone enquiries to website sales – however there is a need for greater collaboration between departments: no more silos of information.

Make inroads into capturing and using your data by using a management system such as the ATTAINA Data Management Platform, to deliver an informed understanding of your loyal customer base. Using this kind of automation will also help to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the sheer weight of data.

Analysis of the customer’s journey data can unlock untapped sales potential by revealing marketing opportunities and up-sell and cross-sell possibilities, along with contacting previous and potential customers using more targeted, relevant marketing campaigns.

Data-driven marketing solutions enhance the customer experience. Targeted email campaigns, for example, reach the desired audiences through data segmentation while having the facility to personalise the message to get the relationship off to a good start.

Retargeting with relevant content and offers using knowledge gleaned from past customer behaviour extends that relationship and results in them more likely to get something they want – and in your business boosting its sales.

However, nothing lasts forever. Trends and demographics change – it is best to learn to read the signs at the side of the road and be prepared to flex in response results from continuing analytics.

They will tell you everything you need to keep you on the straight and narrow road to success rather than the doomed scattergun approach of the marketer shouting in his random layby.

ATTAIN customises its services for all its customers based on data, they can help you do the same. If you need our expert routefinders to put you on the right road to personalised success. Contact us today.

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