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The real winners and losers of FIFA World Cup 2018

18 Jul 2018

The World Cup is a marketer’s perfect set-piece to pitch a campaign around. Those who are on the ball can win big – but others deserve a red card.

Here’s our round up of best and worst campaigns of Russia 2018:

World class

England may not have made the final- but Southgate and the boys did us proud- as did a few other British institutions:

British Airways cleverly capitalised on England’s success by posting a mock-up of an airline ticket for football coming home on their social media, with all kinds of prizes for the fans to enjoy.

Marks and Spencer capitalised on the now iconic Southgate waistcoat with #WaistcoatWednesdays – selling out of the fashion garment ahead of the semi-final on 15th July.

Reflecting the darker side of the sport and its supporters, the National Centre for Domestic Violence ran a powerful campaign highlighting the link between big matches and the increase in incidences of domestic violence. Arresting posters featuring blood pouring down women’s faces in shape of the competing nations’ flags sent out a stark and memorable message.

Total own goals

Marketers always try to think outside the (penalty) box but run the risk of blasting a campaign right over the crossbar or, in the worst circumstances, scoring a massive own goal.

Mastercard chose to go with the controversial tactic of ‘gamifying’ hunger for their World Cup offering. Kellogg’s had already felt the wrath of a public repulsed by this play with their short-lived ‘retweets = breakfast for a hungry child’ campaign in 2014. Hopefully it’s finally game over for this campaign approach.

And oh dear, Burger King! What were you thinking? The fast food giant offered a lifetime supply of Whoppers to Russian women who got pregnant by a World Cup star, in the hope of improving the country’s team in future generations. The tasteless post got pulled and apologies were issued but not before the stunt was screenshotted and shared around the world. 


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