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Introducing our Account Manager, Rebecca Boone

07 Jul 2021

How we communicate with our clients is critical to nurturing good relationships. It is vital that as a business, you understand what the client wants and needs. Our goal is to achieve their goals – and an Account Manager is integral to this.

Here at ATTAIN we are very fortunate to have one of the best. Rebecca Boone –or Becca as she is often called – joined us at the tail end of 2020, and she quickly became a major asset to the business, bringing with her a wealth of experience in digital marketing, business development and account management.

Originally from Surrey but now living in Stretford, Becca is a busy mum of two young boys – Taran – 2 and Ezra aged 4 – so she is used to spinning a lot of plates, something which certainly helps when in an Account Manager role. But Becca’s career didn’t start there

“I knew I wanted to do something in Marketing and so did a Business and Marketing degree at uni. The course included a placement year and so in 2006 I started working for as a Marketing Assistant. This was my foray into the ‘online world’ of business – and I loved it! I forged great relationships there and was lucky enough to be ‘poached’ by another department and offered a permanent position within the organisation in a corporate role with a B2B customer base.

“The role eventually evolved into something that didn’t feel quite right, and so when there was a restructure I decided it was time to look elsewhere – having decided that I wanted more of a creative role in a digital setting.

“After this I worked for design agencies based in the city centre of Manchester and was involved in pitching for new business, presenting and onboarding clients. Each day was different and I was working with a variety of customers all with different needs which was great.

“I’ve always loved working in digital as it’s forever changing which makes it interesting and keeps you on your toes. That said, I found myself feeling a bit fatigued by the city-centre agency culture and as soon as I heard about a role at ATTAIN, this peaked my interest. The vision and values of the business really resonated with me.

“I soon realised that ATTAIN’s focus and priorities sets them apart from other companies that I’ve worked with; it’s true honest marketing and they have a pride in their delivery. Most importantly, I saw that customer service is at the heart of what they do, resulting in excellent client retention.

“Opportunities and relationships present themselves in different ways, but the relationship with a prospective client starts as soon as we get an indication that there’s a marketing need.

Before even speaking to a potential client Becca familiarises herself with their business to get a good insight into who they are what they do.
“I start by analysing the website, reviewing their social media activity and looking at the content. This gives me a bit of an overview before I take the plunge and make what we call the ‘kick off’ call which is a mixture of more fact finding and steering the client towards what they need. I look at their pains, challenges, and what they are looking to achieve as a business.

“After getting these insights I create a written proposal and send this with an accompanying video, giving a bit of rationale behind ‘the why’. The purpose of the video is that since covid restrictions it feels that there is an element missing when we don’t meet face to face.

“Once the client is ‘over the line’ onboarding begins – which is when I send them an itemised plan detailing what we will be doing and when. I hand over to the relevant team and my role then is to bridge the gap between delivery and the client.

“There is no typical life cycle for a client – all needs are different – and expectations and support requirements vary, but I am there every step of the way for the client, either at the end of a phone call or email.

Every job has its challenges and Becca says hers was adjusting to a different dynamic from her previous competitive, sometimes ruthless work environments. Working on projects is also something new for Becca, however she thrives on learning no matter how steep the curve.

“My latest challenge outside of work is committing to the couch to 5k programme after nearly of year of lockdown restrictions. It’s hard! Downtime is so important and I can’t wait until we can get out and see some live music. In the meantime, I like nothing more than spending time with my husband and boys at home. I love to cook and whilst my husband appreciates it, I’m not always sure my boys do!”  

If you’d like to talk to us about your digital marketing needs or web design, with Becca or another member of the team get in touch here. We will be more than happy to help.


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