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Data Detox: A New Year’s resolution you can actually keep

11 Jan 2018

We all know the feeling: Christmas and New Year have been and gone and you’re left with the expectation to ditch the bad habits and start making New year’s resolutions that will inevitably be broken by February.

But there is one New Year’s resolution that you will be able to keep. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force on May 25th 2018, there has never been a better time to give your business data a workout.

Read our top data detox tips to make this New Year’s resolution one you can actually keep:

Feed your mind

Heard of GDPR – but not entirely sure how it will affect your business? The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) offers plenty of guidance to help you to focus on getting your business fit for GDPR and the ATTAIN data team are on hand to talk through any questions you may have. Get in touch to find out more.

Get Moving

The most positive step you can take to prepare your business for GDPR is to START. There are five months until the GDPR regulations come into force – but starting now will make the task far less daunting.

An easy first step to take is to complete the ICO’s GDPR checklist to break down the new legislation into bite size topics and identify areas of improvement for your business.


Forget juicing – this New Year’s resolution is all about cleansing your data and making sure it is fit for purpose. GDPR sets the expectation that all of the information that your business holds about customers is accurate and relevant – crucially, that your business has evidence of consent to use and store this information.

Getting this evidence trail in place is vital to becoming GDPR-ready. Speak to us about systems that will make this process easy and efficient.

With any resolution, the key to success is staying motivated – and getting support when you need it.

The ATTAIN team have been working with legal specialists to ensure businesses are not only GDPR compliant, but are also using the opportunity to think creatively about new and unique ways to engage with customers.

Get in touch to start your data detox today.

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