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Are you losing web visitors within 3 seconds?

27 Mar 2018
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3, 2, 1, And they are gone…

That’s it. Your web page has just THREE seconds to load before your mobile customers will get bored of waiting and abandon their plan to spend time and money on your website.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing content or products. If you don’t pay attention to mobile site speed, more than half of your potential visitors (53 per cent according to Google Analytics) will never see it.

What’s more, Google will punish you for it: a recent report says Google expects a site should become usable on an average mobile device within three seconds on 4G connections or five seconds in a 3G location.

Google’s mobile-first index will not see a site as important if is not mobile-friendly and won’t rank it highly in search results, making harder for potential customers find your business.

Fortunately, Google has released two tools to help benchmark how your site is performing on mobiles and tablets in this race against time.

Speed Scorecard compares the speed of a site with thousands of sites from 12 countries. It will show your site’s speed and whether your web presence is well off the pace or streets ahead of the competition.

Impact Calculator can put an actual figure on how much it is worth investing in optimising your site for mobile. It works out how much businesses could gain by reducing the load time by two seconds versus one second by using data such as averages of site speed, monthly visitors, order value and conversion rate.
It is unavoidable: speed equals spend.

But it isn’t just the need for speed- a mobile site must be as easy to use as it is on desktop.

A responsively designed mobile website adapts to the resolution of the screen to avoid distorted images – and smaller screens require large clear fonts and bigger navigation buttons for sufficient readability and usability.

Not sure how your mobile website is performing? Check out our library guide on the subject, or get in touch on 01942 247884 or

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