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5 minutes with…Yvonne Ryan

18 May 2018

Every agency would grind to a halt without that one member of the team who manages staff workloads, keeps the administration process running smoothly and, crucially, keeps the team hydrated!

For us, that person is our latest recruit and office manager, Yvonne Ryan.

Tell us about your role at ATTAIN
My role as office manager involves a bit of everything – from organising staff workloads to keeping staff hydrated with tea and coffee supplies. I am also responsible for keeping the lifeblood of any business- money- flowing through sales and invoice management.

What brought you to the ATTAIN world? And when?
I am one of the newest members of the team having joined the ATTAIN team in March 2018. The interesting variety of work that the team does is fantastic, and they’re a great bunch to work with.

What’s the best thing about working in Wigan?
The ATTAIN world is based five minutes from a retail park – I love shopping, it’s my favourite past time!

Tell us something about yourself which surprises people
My birthday is on Christmas Day – no one ever believes me!

Tell us something about an ATTAIN colleague which people might not know
Jackie Salt, my boss, is 40 years old but I don’t think she looks it.

What’s your key digital marketing advice for new ATTAIN clients?
The four letters on the lips of every member of the ATTAIN team at the moment are GDPR: make sure you are GDPR compliant or risk a massive fine after the new regulations go live on May 25th, 2018.

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