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5 minutes with… James Sanders

18 May 2018

After meeting Head of Design Helen Caddock on the ATTAIN World tour, we thought we’d stick around in the Creative Studio and spend 5 minutes with our Junior Designer, James Sanders.

Tell us about your role at ATTAIN
As Junior Designer for ATTAIN I work alongside the creative team and help them with a wide range of design duties. Being a part of the ATTAIN creative team gives me a real first-hand experience of the creative process – from web to print – and I’m gaining valuable experience and expertise from my colleagues Rob Blair, Designer, and Helen Caddock, Head of Design.

What brought you to the ATTAIN world? And when?
After leaving full time education, I was on the hunt to land my first graphic design job. ATTAIN was a local agency that really stood out for me in terms of the quality of their creative services and the designs showcased on their website. After meeting with Managing Director Danny Parker and Head of Design Helen Caddock, I was delighted to be offered my current position as Junior Designer. I’m really enjoying developing my creative industry career within the ATTAIN world!

What’s your favourite aspect of the role?
I enjoy waking up and coming into a creative environment and working efficiently and productively alongside my colleagues. As a Junior Designer, I know how valuable design time is to create brilliant designs for our clients, so I really enjoy giving our design work the time it deserves – especially in the great creative studio that ATTAIN has to offer. Working with Helen and Rob is always fun, and they’ve been massively helpful in developing my skill set and experience.

What’s the best thing about working in Wigan?
I was born and bred in Wigan and ATTAIN was always a company that was highlighted as a leading agency within the borough – so it’s a source of pride and pleasure to leave full time education and join the ATTAIN team. Wigan is developing into a real hive of creativity, so it’s great to work in a local agency and get to know other local designers in Wigan.

Tell us something about yourself which surprises people
I guess I’m a little bit of a film enthusiast – I’m full of random pointless facts about the film industry from actors’ bios and visual effects- yes, I’m that much of a film nerd!

Tell us something about an ATTAIN colleague which people might not know
Helen will never say no to a brew, no matter the situation. I put it down to my cracking brew making skills!

What’s your key digital marketing advice for new ATTAIN clients?
Technology has a massive influence on the way we design and see visual communication – I believe keeping up to date with design trends is important, but also how people view design on various platforms is vital in order to showcase visuals to their full potential.

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