For the first time ever you will be able to get your hands on your very own hard copies of our unmissable business guides when we throw open the doors of the ATTAIN library to celebrate the Digital Marketing Roadshow reaching Wigan.

On June 7th at DW Stadium, visitors will get the exclusive opportunity to leaf through our 17 top reads including Engaging Emails, one of the most popular titles in our online library. Here is a quick introduction to a few secrets ahead of getting chapter and verse on mastering the art of savvy and successful email marketing:

Be outstanding
Do your emails stand out in a cluttered inbox? You might never judge a book by its cover but every day you probably make hundreds of decisions about whether to click on an email based on a dozen words that feature in a subject line.

It doesn’t matter what is in the email if no one opens it, so make your subject line is eye-catching: it may only be a few words long but they are the most important ones you will write.

Make sure you dodge the jargon and buzz words that risk your email diverting into a prospect’s junk box – pick up the Engaging Emails guide at the Roadshow for a full list of example words to avoid.

Get personal
Personalisation really does work. Your customers or clients want to feel valued and understood. It is a waste of time designing beautiful emails if they are destined to go unread because they are irrelevant to the recipient.

Analysing and segmenting customer data will allow you to target particular demographics or leads in a certain part of the sales funnel. It is the difference between making the bestseller lists or being reduced to the bargain basement.

Make it clear
Your email should have an aim – whether that is encouraging the recipient to read or buy something in particular, sign up for an event or donate to your appeal.

Using uncluttered design makes it easier for customers to find your call to action. Display the link or button you are using to drive traffic to your website in a prominent and intuitive part of the email. Remember to test the link!

Clear and concise copy is the email marketer’s friend. You are not writing a literary novel: keep the text short, sweet and unambiguous.

In need of more information? ATTAIN’s Managing Director Danny Parker will be delivering a free seminar at the Digital Marketing Roadshow to help visitors transform their email marketing success. Bookmark your free DMR place now to register for the seminar and to browse our business bookshelves. No need for a library card!

ATTAIN can help you create beautiful email marketing that is targeted and with measurable results. Contact our team for our full and comprehensive email marketing service.