Much like running a marathon, successful email marketing takes time, preparation and stamina. The ATTAIN team take a look at what every digital marketer can learn from the keen runners putting on their best performance at this year’s London Marathon.

Preparation, preparation, preparation
A runner wouldn’t enter a race without understanding the route, the destination and the training required, so why would you enter your email marketing campaign without the same preparation? Many email marketers fall into the trap of approaching their email marketing by creating email content and clicking ‘send’ to their database of contacts. Successful email marketers go beyond this approach to understand what engages and motivates the reader to take a desired action.

Such intelligence can be gathered by segmenting your customer data into different categories, for example product interests or loyalty, then testing which messages get the strongest response with a small set of customer data before launching your full campaign. This process can be broken down into easy steps- check out our free A/B Testing guide from the ATTAIN library for inspiration.

Keep the end goal in sight
We’re sure every marathon runner dreams of the pride and joy felt when crossing the London Marathon finishing line. You may not be looking for a gold medal once completing your email campaign, but having a target in sight will enable you to focus your preparation and approach from the start. Whether you’re looking to increase sales of a particular product or drive traffic to a certain webpage, make sure you know your end goal so that you can create targeted emails and measure the success of your campaign.

Measure your performance
A marathon runner may be armed with their Fitbit to measure their performance, but a digital marketer has an arsenal of metrics at their disposal to understand how successful their email campaign is.
The top metrics include open rate: how many recipients opened your email, click-through rate: how many people clicked on a link within an email, and the all-important conversion rate: the number of purchases, sign-ups or bookings as a result of your email campaign.

Find out more about how to measure success by downloading our free Revenue Tracking guide from the ATTAIN library.

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