The Cadbury “Tastes Like This Feels” multi-channel marketing campaign captured the public’s imagination when it kicked off with a TV ad featuring a bear ecstatically scratching its back against a tree to the tune of “That’s The Way I Like It” by KC and the Sunshine Band. But the campaign didn’t stop there: from exciting events to clever competitions, the campaign is a sweet example of how the brand harnessed the power of many marketing channels to create a big impact on chocolate lovers across the UK.

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The campaign kick-started using experiential marketing – put simply, real-life experiences that excite and engage customers and create a buzz around a brand.

Cadbury took over city centres and invited shoppers to remove their shoes and walk on a giant carpet of bubble wrap while enjoying their chocolate, bringing together the taste and feel aspects of the new campaign strapline in a tangible and visible way.

Experiential events do not have to be limited to the weird and wonderful. For example, a B2B organisation exhibiting at conferences can stand out from the crowd with original giveaways, games or challenges that incorporate a strong brand message and draw prospects into visiting your website to find out more about you.

 Although requiring a commitment in time and resources, this channel enables you to kick-start campaigns in a way that can evoke emotions in customers that other channels simply can’t– and in turn create a lasting impression.


The unique strength of social media – the ability to have genuine interaction with customers – was harnessed in this campaign.

The #TastesLikeThisFeels conversation on Twitter and Facebook invited customers to describe how Cadbury Dairy Milk made them feel, and winning entries saw their responses turned into official Cadbury videos.

The brand made sure all other marketing channels had ‘shareable’ content in mind to maximise the viral effect of social media: events were filmed and shared, and the public became brand ambassadors for the campaign when they uploaded selfies and video of themselves experiencing the ‘bubble wrap’ effect. 


 Whether customers engaged with the brand via social media, TV advertising or city centre events, all were directed to a fun and entertaining website waiting for them which was the perfect extension to the “Tastes Like This Feels” message. 

The Cadbury website continues to reflect the brand; with iconic purple and product characters, a child-like approach to telling the company story as well as recipes, personalised products and even Cadbury music to create an experience that is as joyful as the chocolate itself.

Consistency across all channels 

What will be clear to you by now is the consistency throughout all of the marketing channels used by Cadbury – every channel was used to reflect the brand’s aim to be the destination for customers looking for a joyful moment of fun.

Consistency is the foundation of any brand, and years of commitment to these brand values means, arguably, we all associate a little joy at the thought and taste of Cadbury.

The multi-platform push by Cadbury spanned social, experiential, digital and traditional TV and press advertising and ATTAIN loves the creativity that can be unleashed in multi-channel marketing by our account directors.

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