Well, spring has sprung and now is the time to give your data a spring clean too. With ATTAIN’s top tips for data cleansing, things will be sparkling in no time so that you can start the new financial year off refreshed, revitalised and ready to rock your sales targets.

What is it?

Never mind dusting the top of bookcases or hoovering under the bed- data cleansing is the most satisfying housekeeping you can do.

It is all about ensuring information acquired from customers and prospects – the lifeblood of your business – is correct, relevant, up to date and not duplicated.

Email addresses and telephone numbers require validation, addresses and postcodes should be verified, details of deceased individuals or companies who have ceased trading removed and matching contact names with job titles.

And it should be performed on a regular basis to give the best results to any good sales and marketing operation – monthly, quarterly or annually dependant on your needs.

Why should you do it?

Things always work better when they are maintained well: databases are no different and if you are relying on incorrect or incomplete information, your business cannot thrive.

‘Clean’ data ramps up business performance, enhances your reputation and improves efficiency.

Communications using out-of-date information will fall foul of the dreaded email fail. An invalid, closed or non-existent email address will result in a hard bounce back. An unreceived message is a waste of effort and means an unsatisfied customer or missed opportunity. Your marketing or sales are at risk of appearing unprofessional so it is vital they have the correct information at their fingertips.

Poor information also makes accurate data segmentation impossible, meaning your carefully personalised marketing approach could miss out key prospects or result in communications that don’t match the needs and preference of its target audience.

A crucial reason to take on the spring clean is that it will help your business to maintain a safe and legally compliant database- if you are storing customer information it is necessary to adhere to the Data Protection Act. Being thorough and regular with your cleaning will protect your company.

How do we do it?

We love rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck into making your databases spotless and sparkling new.

The ATTAIN Data Management Platform manages and monitors email and text communications; and this process starts with our Data Cleanse; to make sure your data is optimised with the removal of duplicated or incomplete records, inaccuracies, records which no longer exist and ones which need updating that are having an impact on your email marketing and sales success rates.

Our data experts can give you recommendations on how your organisation’s current data capture can be improved, including automated live feeds from all data capture points into one central hub.

Your organisation will be able to contact previous customers and prospects in more targeted, relevant marketing campaigns as well as consider up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Ready to get stuck into a deep clean? Check out our Data Audit guide from the ATTAIN library fur further tips, or book in your bespoke spring data audit by contacting ATTAIN’s expert data management team info@attain.uk.com.