Competition is rife, but with a few simple tricks you can send sales soaring and get your customers buying from you again and again:

Get in front of the right audience

With the likes of social media and email marketing, the sky is the limit when it comes to promoting your business- but if your efforts aren’t targeted, you can end up with a lot of hot air.

Paid social can expand your reach and enable you to target customers based on location, shopping preferences and interests – even on a tight budget.

Put the right products in front of the right pairs of eyes by segmenting your data and using email marketing to effectively target your marketing activity.

Ask your email subscribers for their preferences when they sign up to make sure the information landing in their inbox is relevant and personalised to them.

Check out our Increasing Sales email marketing guide from the ATTAIN library to master email marketing.

Make shopping with you a breeze

Once prospects have landed on your website, make sure their experience doesn’t crash and burn by creating a streamlined user experience.

Make the site easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile. With increasing amounts of commercial activity taking place on mobile devices, it is essential your website is fully optimised to take advantage of this revenue channel.

Start your journey to mobile optimisation with a stop at the ATTAIN library to pick up our free guide on the subject.

Set sights high with unrivalled online customer service

Make sure you pick up on shoppers who have abandoned their shopping baskets at checkout stage to understand how you can improve the user experience.

Chat features enable you to enhance your customer service at the point of sale – and are surprisingly simple to set up on your website. Get in touch for more information.

Real testimonials or reviews from actual customers go a long way to supporting your credibility in the marketplace.

Pleasant payments

And last but not least, make it easy for your customers to part with their cash. Give as many payment options as possible and avoid unnecessarily intrusive forms.

Obviously, it is an ideal way of harvesting customer data but not at the cost of sale if a buyer becomes discomfited by the time and detailed required to carry out a simple transaction. Keep data capture simple and easy.

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