Branding can excite, emails can convert – but word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. To mark National Conversation Week, the chatty ATTAIN team reveal their top tips to get your customers talking about – and to – you.

Talking about you

Your customers are your biggest and best advocates. Get them talking about your brand and you are on to a winner.

The best way of getting good reviews is the quality and consistency of your product or service. Build up that trust and customers will want to pass on the news of their latest amazing find.

To help things along, why not incentivise current clients to refer their friends and family with the offer of a discount for both parties? Use follow-up emails to prompt satisfied customers to share their feedback – find out how with to pack a punch in your email communications with our free Engaging Emails guide.

Sending free samples to social media influencers is a great way to make sure you are going to get the target demographic talking. What could be more powerful than seeing your product put through its paces by a popular YouTuber or featured on an Insta feed with thousands of followers?

But sometimes things do not go as planned. Gone are the days of “if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”.

So be proactive. Search for your company’s name online and approach any negative commenters in an attempt to resolve the issue. Customers are often so surprised a business wants to sort something out they could have easily ignored, they will become one of your greatest advocates.

Talking to you

To be successful in business, treat it like a conversation with your customers. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Follow-up surveys using data harvested from the original transaction are a quick and easy way to really get to know your customers- from whether customers enjoyed the shopping experience to what they thought about the range of products or services available.

Such data is the lifeblood of a marketing campaign that truly understands its audience- get to grips with your data by checking out our Data Audit guide from the ATTAIN library.

And just as you would in conversation with friends- thank your customers for a good deed. If your brand is focussed on business to business relationships, express your gratitude at the end of projects, maybe a small gift or just an email acknowledging a pleasant and professional work experience. Not only will firms more than likely return the sentiment, you will be top of their call list in future. For business to customer relationships, send personalised discounts and offers to loyal customers using your email management system to identify your company’s most loyal customers.

If it is not good news, the most important thing is not to ignore it. Twitter has ramped up the need for good customer service as complaints that used to happen in private are now played out in the amphitheatre of social media. Respond quickly and take the interaction private by going to direct messaging, email or calling. Do you best to resolve the issue but know when to let go. Some people just like an argument and to keep responding publicly just adds fuel to the fire. Bow out gracefully.


Looking for someone to talk to about customer conversations? Speak to Jackie Salt, head of chats, teas and customer satisfaction, by emailing