If we have learned anything from the general election, it is that the success of a campaign is never guaranteed.

We’ve rounded up the top lessons you can learn to avoid your next marketing campaign crashing like Clegg or sinking like Salmond:

Know your audience

From misfired manifestos to no-shows at broadcast debates, the political parties revealed a lack of understanding of the voters they were attempting to attract.

Critical to campaign success is understanding your customers. Businesses who segment their customer data can keep one step ahead of the opposition by understanding customer location, shopping preferences and interests in order understand what messages will garner their support.

Central to effective and easy segmentation is a well-managed database; such as the ATTAIN Data Management Platform.

Create the right key messages

The Labour party tailored over a thousand versions of its core policy proposals, launching them as “super local” messages through digital marketing. Make sure you maximise the potential of your segmented customer base by developing messages that target their preferences and buying behaviour.

Unsure where to start? Check out our free A/B Testing guide from the ATTAIN library to start testing which messages work for your audiences.

Choose the right communication channels

Traditional print may work for some audiences, while social media may be the best route for targeting others. One thing that is clear is that to come out on top, it is no longer acceptable to confine communication efforts to one channel.
A successful multi-channel marketing campaign involved personalising your messages, using a variety of channels yet maintaining a consistent brand across all communications. Find out how to start your multi-channel marketing campaign guide.

Track your campaign’s performance

Only measuring your campaign at the end means you might be shocked by the result- it is vital that you measure performance throughout the life cycle of the campaign in order to establish whether you are on track to achieve your objectives, or whether a change in direction is needed.

There are several performance metrics that can measure the results of your campaigns; from click-through rates that track how many customers clicked on link sin your email, to conversion rates that measure the number of purchases, bookings or registrations made as a result of your campaign. Find out more by checking out the Revenue Tracking guide from the ATTAIN library.

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