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October 2016

While all the trees are losing their leaves, here’s how to keep your email campaigns evergreen

  As the days are getting shorter, get cosy and put all that customer data your team has diligently harvested to work. Email campaigns are fundamental to a successful customer communication strategy. The immediacy of email is so appealing in… Continue Reading →

Don’t let data spook you this Halloween

    Data is the lifeblood of any sales and marketing operation. But for many businesses, the prospect of managing data is enough to spook the bravest of marketing teams. Never fear- ATTAIN have brought to your door the best… Continue Reading →

How to sell without ‘selling’: inbound marketing explained

    For years sales was all about going to prospects, often cold, and interrupting their day to try to sell them something they may not have wanted. It was a tough, costly and often thankless task and you absolutely… Continue Reading →

Make like Strictly and make your business sparkle

  The days are getting shorter and there is a nip in the air. Autumn is here and it can only mean one thing: Strictly has started and it is time to put some sparkle back into your business’ branding…. Continue Reading →