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September 2015

Adapt your emails for Apple’s Smart Watch

Research from Strategy Analytics estimated that the Apple smart watch consumed 75% of the smart watch market. It is also estimated that Apple received over 2.3 million pre-orders back in April 2015. The Apple smart watch works along side the… Continue Reading →

Website Icon on your iPhone/iPad/Android Home Screen

Your favourite website can be saved to your iPhone/iPad/Android home screen as an icon just like how an app would appear downloaded from Google play or the Apple Store. Heres how to save an icon to your iPhone: 1. Open… Continue Reading →

Why Brand Consistency is Vital to Your Business

Your brand is who you are, what you stand for and what you can do. It’s vital that you treat your brand with the professionalism that you treat your business. If one colleague is using one font, another uses a… Continue Reading →

A Marketing Plan Can Make Your Life A LOT Easier

Self promotion is one area some companies really struggle to make the time for, but it’s so important to keep your company in the forefront of people’s minds. Certain outlets aren’t always suitable for every company, so it’s worthwhile to… Continue Reading →

Visit us at the Blackpool Business Expo on 25th September 2015

Why not come and visit us at the Blackpool Business Expo on 25th September 2015, where we are also hosting a 30 minute workshop ‘Making your Emails Work for you’. This workshop covers all aspects of email marketing. From gathering… Continue Reading →

Free Online Webinar

How to make your emails work for you. 17th September 2015 – 10am – 10.30am. Our online webinar will cover all aspects of email marketing, from gathering contacts to improving the quality and conversions of future marketing and everything in… Continue Reading →